Data Updates

Top Data Sets

  • JPL Global Land / Ocean Mascons

    JPL's global mascons (land water storage & ocean bottom pressure) from GRACE & GRACE-FO are updated monthly, and are provided on 0.5-degree global grid. Current version: RL06M.MSCNv02

  • GRACE Tellus LAND Grids

    Land water storage from GRACE is updated monthly, and is provided on 1-degree global grids.
  • Interactive Data Browsers

    The data browser allows the interactive retrieval of GRACE/GRACE-FO Land & Ocean data: evaluate time series over large river basins, compute long-term trends and mean seasonal amplitudes!

GRACE Follow-On

GRACE-FO over Earth

Launching in 2017, GRACE Follow-on (GRACE-FO) will continue GRACE's legacy of tracking Earth's water movement to monitor changes in underground water storage, the amount of water stored in large lakes and rivers, soil moisture, ice sheets and glaciers, and sea level caused by the addition of water to the ocean. These discoveries provide a unique view of Earth's climate and have far-reaching benefits to society and the world's population.

Featured Resources

  • Data Analysis Tool

    The NASA GRACE Data Analysis Tool (DAT) allows for quick-look comparisons and analyses of NASA GRACE datasets.

  • Multimedia

    Browse GRACE images, video and more.