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GRACE Tellus Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment
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NEW DATA Versions: Bug in the AOD background models corrected [2014-Oct, 14]
GFZ recently discovered an error in their background model computation; this bug persisted since late June 2013; all RL05 solutions since 06/2013 have been re-processed - PLEASE DOWNLOAD updated data files >> 
GRCTellus Land grids updated
Total Land Water Storage grids are now available through 06/2014. >> 
NEW: Comparison between JPL, CSR, GFZ solutions
In GRACE RL05, the monthly gravity solutions from the three processing centers show only small differences. >> 
GRCTellus Ocean grids updated
Ocean Bottom Pressure grids are now available through 04/2014. >> 
Download updated GRCTellus Ocean grids - current version 'RL05.DSTvDPC1401'
Please download ALL months!. This version features (1) a small correction related to geocenter, (2) an OBP correction for global mean ocean mass changes. >> 
Download updated GRCTellus Land grids - current version 'RL05.DSTvSCS1401'
This version features a 300-km smoothing radius and de-striping to reduce correlated errors. >> 

GRACE Science Team Meeting, Austin, Texas
29 September to 1 October 2014 >> 
GRACE identifies glaciers' role in sea level rise
New study helps resolve connection. >> 
GRACE Follow-On plans
From our colleagues at The University of Texas >> 
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