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GLDAS Land Water Content (monthly)

Data from the Noah 2.7.1 land hydrology model in the Global Land Data Assimilation System (GLDAS). The GLDAS system is described in the article by Rodell et al (2004). The input data for our processing was downloaded from the Goddard Space Flight Center DISC.
The mapped data available at this site is integrated total water content, obtained from the GLDAS output by summing the layers:
% 65:WEASD :Accum Snow : kg/m^2
% 86:SoilMoist1 :Average layer 1 soil moisture : kg/m^2
% 86:SoilMoist2 :Average layer 2 soil moisture : kg/m^2
% 86:SoilMoist3 :Average layer 3 soil moisture : kg/m^2
% 86:SoilMoist4 :Average layer 4 soil moisture : kg/m^2
% 071 Canopint Total canopy water storage [kg/m^2]

The grids of total water content every 3 hours were averaged over nominal months. The time-averaged grid Jan-2003 to Dec-2007 was then subtracted from all the individual grids.
The data are available in ASCII format (one file per month), in NetCDF format (one file for the whole time period), and as GIF images and animations.

GLDAS TWC 2002-07
This total water content is directly comparable to what GRACE measures over land. The Greenland and other permafrost areas have been masked out, the model is not valid there.

earth line


If you use these data, please cite:
Rodell M, P. R. Houser, U. Jambor, J. Gottschalck, K. Mitchell, C.-J. Meng, K. Arsenault, B. Cosgrove, J. Radakovich, M. Bosilovich, J. K. Entin, J. P. Walker, D. Lohmann, and D. Toll (2004) : The Global Land Data Assimilation System. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, vol 85 (3), pp 381-394.
Also, please acknowledge receiving the data from "" which used the "Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center".
LAST UPDATE: 2011-08-25. V.Zlotnicki
Contributors: F. Landerer, R. Glaser, R. Baran

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